Hope you liked my two previous blogs related to the the play “Candida”. Now in this blog I am going to discuss the final and the concluding aspect related to the play.

From all the three important characters “Eugene March Banks” was the one who is an anti-macho hero in the play. He is an eighteen year old youthful poet who seems to be a very vulnerable and Morell felt that he is week and needy.

But in reality Eugene is the one who act as a foil and his declaration of love for Candida makes Morell realize the reality. Morell was under the impression that he is the one who is strong and Candida needs his care and protection. Eugene is an eye-opener for Morell and tells him that it is Candida who is taking care of him and protecting him.

Though Eugene was a strong characters but still in my view there was one things of which he was unaware the depth of relationships. He seems to be ignorant about the whole idea of the sacred bond of Marriage.

He is in a way representing the some of youths of today, who do not believer in the idea of marriage and wants to escape from responsibilities and commitments. They feel they are independent and does not need a companion. These people are not at all serious about relationships. They are running madly after money and luxuries of life which are important but will never give them the true happiness. It is truly said,

Money is something but not everything.

Just as Candida makes Eugene aware about the importance of marriage and commitment it is very important for these people to understand that it is only love which gives you true happiness and makes your life blissful and these materialistic things can only give you momentary pleasure

I may sound a bit philosophical and sentimental to some of the people but I am fortunate that I am surrounded by so many loving and caring people who makes me believe that “LOVE” is the strongest bond which completes us.


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