The other day i saw a video on YouTube which was a video made for entertainment purpose. However, the topic chossen in the video was “Listen to your wife” and that made me to think, how much we are giving importance to the words spoken by our life partner. Its just not about wife…i would say we should listen to our spouses .

In today’s fast life some time we don’t get time to talk to our better halves and specially when we are worried about something . We often think that discussing the problem with him/her may make the other one also worried about the same. However, we always forget the spouse is also known as our better half. So sharing the things with the other may possibly not solve the problem but it may give you all together a new prospective to deal with the problem in a entirely different way and surely will give you a courage to face it.

The attitude of not sharing your problems with your spouse is generally in the males as they think that they are too strong to handle any situation. However, in my view the women are much more stronger than a man.

The best solution for this is that at a very initial stage of our relationship we should develop a strong bond of friendship with our partners so that we are free to talk and discuss anything with them, apart from this there won’t be any compatibility issues which has become a major problem in today’s world. Secondly a very deep problem which i have observed is the problem of “ego” which makes us rigid in our thinking and we often believe that we know better than the other one. If we keep our egos aside and deal with any of the issues together it is possible that we may come out the situation very easily. It is very important to keep the things simple and transparent

I would like to conclude with a very beautiful thought that life is like a flower and relationships are the roots of that plant, if we take a very good care of our relationships life will bloom and will become as beautiful as a flower and it will always be filled with the fragrance of happiness .

Please leave you comments on what you think about this.

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