In my last blog on “Myth About Battery Life“. We discuss about the factors which impacts the battery life. In this blog we will see what all factors we can see in the battery stats and how we can find whether they are under their limit or we need to look to fix them. So lets discuss about the battery stats screen. In general you need to notice few things under your battery usages view to understand it:

  • Android System – This component in your battery life stats should not be exceeding more than 10%. If it is going more than 10% then it means there is something in your smartphone which is consuming lots of processing power and impacting your battery life.
  • Screen – In an ideal battery stats, this should be the highest component in terms of your battery usages. In case it is not the highest then look which is one is eating up your battery and look for solution around it.
  • Any unusual app behavior – If anything else is eating up your battery then you need to look, what is making it do so.Screenshot_20180604-095538.jpg
  • Awake – Your smartphone should only be awake when you are using it else it should be in the sleep mode (see in the snapshot below). If it is continusoly awake then it means something is eating up your battery then look on the previous stats to find what is stopping your phone to go under sleep mode.


  • Battery heating up – In general when you are playing high-end games then its usual that your smartphone will became hot. However, if it is getting too much hot and you cant hold it in your hands then it means your battery is damaged and you should think about changing it.
  • Screen on Time – This is sometime also called as SOT. The is the time used by your screen in your battery stats. Generally the higher the SOT in full battery cycle indicates your battery is performing well. However, again it should not be compared from one device to another device as the utilization of each device differs. In case you want to verify that your SOT with you battery capacity then you can try using the below formula to derive on the result. Note – this is something which I have created with my own experience after using several smartphones.

(Battery capacity * 8) / 6000 templ= Minimum SOT time for your device (in hours)

e.g. If your device has battery capacity of 3000 mah then after applying the above formula (3000 * 8) / 6000 = 4 Hrs. So, till the time your devices is giving you SOT of 4 hours then your devices is giving just about ok battery juice. Anything less than this needs to be take care.

Hope you like this section on Myth about battery life. In my last part to this series I will talk about the battery saving tips. Do let me know what you think on this and leave your comments below.



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