Battery battery battery we all tend to hear that my battery is running since last 1 day my battery is running since last 8 hours and so on.

And there are times when people start comparing their battery life with other one’s and then they will start thinking that the phone is not up to the mark and then will start looking for changing their smartphone’s battery.

However, it is inappropriate to compare your smartphone battery life with any other person’s smartphone battery life because the uses of each and every person and the battery capacity of every other smartphone differs.

Now now let’s see what are the factors which impacts your smartphone battery life

1. Screen on time

This is the major factor for your smartphone battery life the longer you keep your phone display on the rate of your battery drain will be high. So you will see your battery will be draining too fast when you are watching video or playing the game or just browsing through your photos.

2. Applications running in background

With lot of application on your phone there are chances that many applications are running in background to keep you updated with the information like Facebook which is running in the background to give you notifications at the time they arrived.

People usually think that killing your apps in the background will save the battery but unfortunately it the other way around so whenever you’re killing an app which is running in the background then that app relaunches after a certain time. So it’s better either you stop the notification service or you remove that app from your smartphone.

3. Activities you are doing on your smartphone

If a person is only watching WhatsApp or browsing through Facebook or through web pages the battery draining rate will be very slow in compared to a person who is watching a video/movie. Similarly if a person is playing in a high end game something like Asphalt or Call of Duty then the battery draining rate will be at the maximum level because that will be using your processor your screen and lots other things from your smartphone.

Now the question will be how to justify that your battery is performing well or you need to have it changed. We will be discussing in next post.

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