Some of the loveliest poems in the English language are Sonnets. A Sonnet is a short poem of 14 lines. The Italian poet “Petrarch” is considered as the father of the sonnets.

Shakespeare modified the existing form of Sonnet. His sonnets have three quatrains followed by a couplet the first quatrain usually announces the theme. The second and third quatrains usually play variations on the announced theme, and also build up dramatic tension. The couplet brings the mounting tension to a climax.

Sonnets are dedicated to Mr. W. H and these dedications has created one of the greatest mysteries in literary history. Most critics have read a story in the sequence of the Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Sonnets records the poet’s relationship with both a handsome young man of noble birth and the dark lady.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets are one of the most fascinating works in the history of English literature. Sonnets of Shakespeare shows that he was a supremely versatile genius he could effortlessly turn from the solemn tragic world to the lyrical realm of the Sonnets.

In most of the sonnets, Shakespeare has expressed his tortured love for an aristocratic young man while in the early sonnets; he joyously advise the young friend to marry and perpetuate his beauty. The later sonnets are crossed by deepening shadows.

Most of the passages suggest that the poet has to grapple with problems that come in the way of his steadfast love for the young man. From the general direction of many of the sonnets we cannot help feeling that the loved young man had often misbehaved, but the poet always puts the best, most charitable interpretation on the young man’s action.

In-spite of all the jolts received the poet’s love burns fiercely and steadily. Finally from the agony of a broken heart the poet fashions eternal works namely his sonnets. Shakespeare’s sonnets are proof that poetry alone can defend its subject against the ravages of time so reading Shakespeare Sonnet makes us discover more about love and about art.


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