Learning is a Treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. We should always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.

Children help us to learn many things in life in a way they are our teachers. Today while helping my kid to do his English assignment. I had a very interesting learning experience.

In one of the sections of the assignment there was a story and we had to give a twisted ending to the story that is we need to change the ending of the story and give a new ending in our own words. We both thought about it and collectively came up with an innovative idea to change the end of the story.

The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs. It is a famous fable which we have been reading since our childhood. How the greedy man kills the Goose to get all the gold out of it and he ends up in not getting anything. Now interestingly we had to change the end of the story. So, here goes the twisted end of this story.

In the end when the man was about to kill the Goose; his wife stopped him from doing so. She was wise and advised him not to be greedy and think before he acts. He realized his mistake and didn’t kill the Goose and eventually they both and the Goose lived happily ever after.

In this way we have given an innovative touch to the story and made it more interesting. I thought of sharing this with you all so that you may also think about more innovative ideas of changing and it can also help your kids to become more creative and innovative in their thinking.

Keep sharing this.


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