As mentioned in my previous blog (read here) in this blog I will discuss about another very important aspect related to the play “Candida”. She was the central character and the play revolves around her. She is shown as a strong and confident woman who is capable of taking her decisions. Candida is truly responsible for Morell’s success. She is a loving mother too and she is depicted as a perfect homemaker.

Now here is the important point which should be taken into consideration. She is not a working woman but a housewife. This is my topic of discussion in this blog.

“Women – The Home-maker”

Woman is the most beautiful creation of god. She is the embodiment of love, compassion beauty and intelligence. From the ancient times woman was often depicted as a better homemaker and man is the breadwinner of the house. Woman with all her blood and sweat makes house a “Home”.

In today’s times woman is not only a homemaker but a career woman too. Now she has established herself as an independent individual in this male dominant society. Gradually people started under valuing the housewives. They feel that housewives are Liabilities and the women who are earning are an Asset.

I am definitely not against a career oriented woman. They are truly contributing a lot to their families and the society. My point is that a housewife should not be considered lower in rank and should not be taken for granted. They are equally important and plays a vital role in today’s times just as “Candida”.

Every woman in her unique way is contributing for the betterment of her family. A housewife should be confident and proud of herself as she plays so many important roles. As a wife, as a mother, as a daughter-in-law and plays them effortlessly. She is the true strength of her husband, a companion who is always there to support him. She is also a loving mother, who nurtures her children with love and bestow them with moral values, making them responsible and better human beings as they are the future of the country. She takes a very good care of her in-laws along-with her parents as well; as she feels her responsibilities towards them. She is working round the clock selflessly and gives away all her dreams and ambitions for her family. She is in a true sense  An unsung hero“.

It is not just the play Candida who has inspired me to write this blog. There two very important women in my life who has been inspiring me since my childhood, who had made me what I am today. “My Grandmother” and “My Mother”. This blog is an opportunity to thank them for all their efforts towards my family. I owe my life to them.

I hope you like this. Please leave a comment about your views in the comment section below.

In my next and last blog on this play, I shall discuss about another aspect related to the play.


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Arjun · June 1, 2018 at 11:38 am

Problem is more than men it’s women who are degrading and looking down on other females who are home makers….
In today’s time females who are home makers earn more than their husband if you start putting cost to the work like taking care of parents, children, home, cooking, teaching etc…but this goes in noticed and taken for granted

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