Not sure why? The Yahoo Messenger came into my mind and it relive the memories of using it. It was one of the first messenger which I believe all the kids born in 80’s & 90’s would have used it and surprisingly at that time of moment Yahoo Messenger was rocking the stage of internet. They were all the kinds of things we can think into a messenger I believe the those who have used it will never ever be able to forget those memories of Yahoo messenger. Whenever those memories will came into your mind, it will leave a smile on your face.

There were few things which were one of their kind in the era of Yahoo Messenger such as:

  • The BUZZ in the Yahoo Messenger which when you Press Ctrl+G and it shakes the other persons screen which was a totally unique. I don’t think any other messenger would have been such kind of feature into their service.
  • Who can forget those sneaky chat rooms in Yahoo Messenger where you join the chat room send messages to other members around the world which sometime results in making Chat friends.
  • Yahoo Messenger has also given us the SMS features like use of ASL or BRB while chatting.
  • There were lots of emojis in Yahoo Messenger which I’m still missing into today’s generation of messengers as they were very unique and innovative at that time and that was the one of reason we understood the meaning of emoji.
  • And, above all who can forget those background Changing while you were chatting with someone. You had the choice of using wallpaper or animated background as well.

And, in the end who all can forget those wired chat names which were created to be use in Yahoo messenger like smart@91, dude@81, etc.

Hope, it relived your memories as well of using the Yahoo messenger. If it does, then do let me know by leaving a comment.


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Arun puroht · May 14, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Yes Manish bhai can’t forget the Yahoo messenger in my life
Enjoyed making fun of friends with fake IDs

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